Hello Thin Air

I imagine it is unlikely that the first entry on any blog is actually read. Perhaps when we find an exciting blog we may go back and look at the early ones – but rarely the first one unless a blog starts with some real magic.

Sorry, no magic here. A blog is as much for the writer as the readers. I am doing this as much to organise my ideas as to inform.

This blog is uSDLC – Unified Software Development Life Cycle. I have worked in what software development for over 30 years – from lone designer developer to architect to software manager. What is lost when going from lone-wolf developments to teams? Answer: continuity.

It irked me to see unit tests with poor data when some long-gone BA must have gathered real data from the client during the requirements analysis phase. Developers are better equipped if they know why a project is. Support staff maintaining a system that has been around for years are better equipped if they understand the decisions made during the project. I can quote examples from every facet of the SDLC.

I think that now the tools, knowledge, methodology and acceptance has reached the point where we can do something about it. More on that in a later post.


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