Don’t Confuse XP with Agile

Too many developers under the banner of agile enforce the XP processes with an emphasis on extreme. Pair programming is good – when it is applicable and with the correct mix in the pair. Making it mandatory all the time is eXtreme Programming and leads to inefficiency. Test/Behaviour/Document driven development is definitely the way to go – but take care not to quash creativity. I understand coding standards, but when the rules cause the code to be less readable/maintainable or the development time to double, then consider the cost/benefit. Is 100% code coverage necessary. That last 10% can take more time than the rest of the development combined.

Most of all remember the primary difference between XP and Agile. Agile talks about people over process and respecting the individual developer.

Lastly, look at Lean. Lean, Agile and XP use common processes, but to different ends. The best of all worlds is Lean at the top guiding an Agile development process that cherry picks the best of XP.


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