uSDLC Exposed

I gave a presentation on uSDLC at OSDC in Canberra, ACT, Australia last week. While the presentation was live, using the presentation software built into uSDLC. I did create a slide-deck for the presentation – see

uSDLC has a long way to go – but to present I had to organise a release. Go to to see a running copy of the system. You can also download and run it from a single file. Use the link on the front page.

Currently the only installer is usdlc-full.jar. It is designed for isolated computers – those not on a network. You download the jar and run it from an existing installation or blank directory. It will update any files that are older than those in the jar, start the server and start a browser to point to it. There could be nothing simpler. But there is more… You can add your own project documentation and code, then create a new self-installing jar containing your content as well as the original system. It can be even used to take a snapshot, work on it elsewhere then update the original site again. Unlike the next git based release, this is not disconnection tolerant as when a copy is updated from the jar, all newer files will win the merge battle.

So, view the slide-show, then download a copy and give it a spin. Let me know how you go.


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