Owner Developers and uSDLC

uSDLC addresses many of the weaknesses that plague owner developers while minimising the effect on the strengths.

I use the word minimise intentionally. The fastest way to produce something is to hold the design in your head and start coding. The risk is that you may end up with a product that is hard to maintain, hard to add features and buggy. You also risk not seeing your target until you have developed the wrong product.

uSDLC supports the use of behaviour driven development (BDD). It will help you sketch out your design with the least of documentation overhead. uSDLC also has an easy to use test driven design framework that will make this approach easy no matter what technology you are developing with.

In my experience, filling out the design adds less that a 5% overhead to the project – while it makes it easier to see the gaps and to plan what to do next. The test driven development (TDD) component of BDD is more expensive. It doubles the development effort. This sounds like a lot, but you get it all back with tenfold interest during the later development and maintenance phases – or at least that is the agile stance. As a more immediate bonus you will have more confidence in your software – and you won’t be wasting time finding bugs introduced by supposedly unrelated code changes. Oh, and when you decide to add a new feature, it is way easier.


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